Al Khan Palace Hotel & Masterplan, UAE

With a unique position along Sharjah’s pristine coastline, Al Khan Palace Hotel seeks to reconcile a rich cultural heritage with a forward-thinking modern design with a fresh approach to hospitality. Situated within an existing heritage fishing village and adjacent to a future World Heritage Site, the 5-star luxury resort draws inspiration form the local vernacular where guests are immersed in a wellness resort a unique local heritage flavour.

The masterplan combines a luxury resort with long-stay villas and a contemporary Fishermen Village that boasts contemporary Food & Beverage outlets.

Our response is to create an authentic destination with a minimalist design that respects its surroundings and preserves the heritage buildings blending them together with the masterplan as part of a whole. Designed for the guest experience and respecting the cultural privacy requirement, the luxury guest suites offer privacy yet views to the beach and to minimally designed courtyards. Spaces are designed to allow guests the freedom to meander and explore the hidden treasures of a bygone era, relax in a spa, enjoy poetry whilst experiencing a fine dining experience or join other guests in an open-air amphitheatre. The Fishermen Village recreates the vibe and feel of old town blending old and modern buildings in a village setting with souks, stores, cafes and restaurants provide unique fragrances, sounds and visual encounters.