Hail City Center Concept Masterplan, KSA

Ha’il is both a city and a destination that plays a key role in the history of the Kingdom and in the current development of the Kingdom. With along and important history, Ha’il not only acts as an important commercial and agricultural centre but contains many important historical and cultural sites that form the foundation of its tourist draw both nationally and internationally.
The heart of Ha’il also offers a wide variety of sites that can serve as draws for tourism and improving the overall economy. Important sites such as Qishlah Palace, Barzan Palace Towers, A’arif Castle, the traditional market and various other historic and modern assets, form a cluster in the city centre that when properly enhanced and activated, could make Central Ha’il, a real tourism draw.

The redevelopment of the site has been discussed in the past and the creation of this plan will help visualize what the future could look like and help to activate the change that is required to upgrade the commercial and tourism experiences in Ha’il.