High Rise Projects KSA Conference

Date: 4-5 December 2019

Event Overview

As part of the GM Events’ Construction series, The High-rise Projects KSA will bring in regional stakeholders and international service providers to discuss best and worst practices in design and construction of high-rise, tall, megatall and skyscrapers in the Kingdom. The High-rise Projects KSA Forum will also unveil a wide range of new building solutions, innovations and equipment used to deliver world class projects on time. The event will cover all aspects of construction, from design through execution and will host practical sessions with implementable takeaways.The event will be inaugurated by Eng. Thabet Mubarek Al-Sawyeed, the Governor of The Saudi Contractors Authority.


Event Highlights


Creating iconic structures of the Kingdom

  • Reducing the impact of high-rise buildings on the environment through urban planning
  • Analysing the massive contribution of tall buildings to inner city density
    Building vertical cities around existing and upgraded infrastructure to serve more tenants to reduce environmental impact by minimizing footprint
  • Establishing the relationship between ‘street’ and the high-rise buildings to improve the liveability
    Firas Hnoosh, RIBA, LEED AP, Design Director and Tall Buildings Specialist, NOA


Beyond striking architecture

Sustainability panel discussion: Tower design engagement with the city and social sustainability

  • Urban Sprawl Continues to scar the natural landscape, and with it the environment, the liveability and efficiency of the city
  • Vertical Density: As metropolises continue to densify, high-rise towers will play an integral role in the dynamic evolution of our future urban landscapes.  At one level Towers represent Wealth, Influence, Supremacy
  • Climate appropriate design solutions to create sustainable and liveable cities & locally adapted climate-specific design solutions
  • Appropriate materials selection for sustainable construction
  • Role of smart solutions and intelligent solutions in improving building performance and sustainability
  • Designing intelligent buildings and public spaces that can meet the needs of people in changing climate
  • The social impact of the contemporary tower typologies